If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine... It's fatal! Paulo Coelho. Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in summer.  The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in Summer; Bookings for Spring Summer 2019 are now open...The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

Caribbean Islands New Year 2021
1. Where will the boat be located?
The Boat will be located in St Martin.
In case of any problem getting there you can contact Laurent Messarra on this mobile number:  +33 6 31 76 08 88.
2. Is it possible to have a GSM network on board?
3. Is there any electricity on board?
4. What do we eat on the boat?
5. Who cooks during the trip?
6. What are the food and beverages available on board?
7. What needs to be taken as luggage (Clothes, etc..)?
8. Can we bring along a specialty food &/or drink from our country and share it with the group?
9. How much shall we take as pocket money?
10. How many hours do we sail per day?
11. Do we sail at night?
12. Seasickness and remedies... Who? When? Why?
13. Can I join alone or do we have to be a couple or part of a group?
14. Can we learn to sail during this cruise?
15. Is there a motor on the boat if the wind stops?
16. Is there any music installation on board?
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