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Baby, Let's Cruise!

Since 2001, sailtogether.com has been successfully presenting a unique sailing experience by providing eight-day cruises to secluded destinations on an exclusive yacht. From the initial captain's briefing on the first day, when preparations are made to set sail, to each tack of the sail along the way, the holiday seeker's senses of discovery, freedom, and love of exploration will be piqued. All the different daily sailing destinations are selected as a result of their remote location, giving that once in a lifetime experience to the cruise. During the first four days of the trip, you can expect to follow this typical schedule:
- Delikada Islands in the delta of the Koycegiz River, renowned for mud baths, medicinal sulfuric springs, a natural bird reserve, and nesting areas for giant sea turtles
- Grandiose ruins of the ancient Caunus, the great Lycian city with its rock tombs carved in the cliffs alongside the river
- Gocek Bay, where hundreds of sailboats are quietly anchored in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean
- Oludeniz, one of the best paragliding sites in the world 
- Discovery of the 'Blue Lagoon'
- Butterfly Valley - a hippy sanctuary in the 1960s - is only accessible by sea with thousands of butterflies and waterfalls

"We are living in a world surrounded by concrete and pollution, so you cannot imagine how a week of sailing can make a person feel," says Laurent Messarra, the owner, manager and frequent captain of sailtogether.com.
"You feel the sea and its spirit living like asailor close to the elements of nature. It is really a regeneration for the body and soul. And of course, there is always time for a party and great fun during the days as well as nights under millions of stars."