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Laurent Messarra studied architecture and graduated from the National Institute of Fine-Arts in 1993. He opened his own Architecture studio, Designed and developed many projects in architecture and interior design. 
He founded  “La Miniature”, a workshop specialized in building architecture scale models.
He specialized also in graphic design and produced many advertising and medical illustrations.
He also naturally turns into painting and carries out many acrylic works which were displayed in many contemporary art galleries.
Being a photography amateur, he became in charge of the Photo laboratory and Workshop in the National Institute of Fine-Arts from 1990 to 1993.
His sensibility is not limited to his artistic streak since he also had social activities with the UNICEF by being an animator in the “Education for peace” program since 1991, then he became a volunteer in the “Ordre souverain de Malte” helping therefore the needy people and the war victims.

Laurent Messarra is an architect by profession, a bearer of humanitarian ideas, a devoted person in his convictions, and an enthusiast of challenges which he finds in different sports.

-  Athletic, participated in many national competitions and meetings. 
- Paragliding, in 1995, he founded « Land Away » one of the first paragliding schools in the Middle-East. At the same time, as a tandem pilot, he shares his passion and flies with hundreds of people letting them discover this new sport.
- rafting in many rivers in the world.

Being a great traveler, drawn to large spaces, culture and civilizations’ encounter, Laurent Messarra sets off on a wide variety of journeys visiting world capitals and museums, or going on treks reaching the heart of the deserts…

Rafting and river adventures in some faraway places almost unreachable spread in him the seeds of adventure and exploration through uncommon courses and made him want to go farther. This was a revelation that led him to his new passion: Sailing.

Sailing includes the spirit of all these experiences altogether and thus became an indubitable outcome.

He got his Yacht Master license, started organizing tens of cruises around the world and participated in transatlantic sailing rallies.

Today sailing became his major activity by creating: Sailtogether.com ltd.


« There are passions that spring up, invade you and take you to distant horizons.

My passion led me to those incredible and fabulous blue waters, unlikely scenery, in a freedom wind where the journey is unique every time.  

My course evolves as follows … along with the multicultural gatherings, exchanges, discoveries, and nature treasures … I wanted to share my experience, share my passion for the sea and for the love for sailing, discovery and freedom.

This is an invitation to a world of beauty where reality takes over the imaginary with these extraordinary and remarkable landscapes before your very eyes.

There are passions that spring up and there is the sailing cruise which spring passions up… »                                                                                                                                                                                   Laurent Messarra