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Ultimate sailing performance… With its classic, single hulled design, the monohull is the original sailboat. Designed with performance in mind. A monohull sailing yacht is almost impossible to capsize, making it extremely safe at sea. This extreme stability is provided by the keel and ballast.

Ideal for lovers of true yachting and thrill-seekers who like adventure and adrenaline

A trip under sail on a monohull sailing yacht is an adrenaline-filled experience. The boat heels over from the pressure of the wind and contact with the sea is thus extremely close.

Monohulls slice through the water effortlessly.

Monohulls of equal sleeping capacity and equipment are less expensive to charter than a catamaran.



Not much privacy in neighbouring cabins and less space compared to a catamaran of the same size.

All main living spaces (with the exception of the cockpit) are situated below the waterline. However, that’s something most sailors are used to. For non-sailors, it can be quite disconcerting.

Monohulls are definitely less stable than catamarans both under sail and at anchor.