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Take only memories… Leave only footprints… Sailtogether.com is committed to preserve each visited place.

Sailtogether.com is a philosophy… a state of mind… an encounter of cultures, friendliness, team spirit and sharing, it’s a desire for exploration and adventure, it’s setting sail to meet the world.

Sailtogether.com is ecology… traveling while respecting and preserving Nature. In order to preserve an ecosystem it is not enough to protect it from men and save it from tourism because sooner or later it will be exposed to the latter. The solution is to raise awareness among people showing the beauty and fragility of the ecosystems of islands and coral reefs. 

Sailtogether.com is a return to the roots… to the obviousness that lives inside each one of us and gets us closer to our origins. It’s a break with our urban lives’ daily stress.

Sailtogether.com is self-rediscovery… learning from the basics, in an unconditional fusion with nature in all its states, with all its wealth and glory. 

Sailtogether.com is a human adventure… listening to others, the magic of sailing reinforces the bonds among the members of the group, thus creating a united team for an active cruise.

Sailtogether.com is the respect of cultures… of men and lifestyles by encouraging the economic development of the small communities and the inhabitants themselves through the participation in the chores that take place in the visited islands and sites. While our crew becomes aware of the local needs, we participate in the sustainable development of the regions we visit.

Our Dream… an upcoming project : Sails for everyone…

Sailtogether.com was born in a team spirit, with a dream to democratize yachting and sailing, making it accessible to everyone.

Today, Sailtogether.com has a new challenge: sharing our passion with the ones who don’t even dare to dream about it; Young orphans, ill or poor children who will live an unforgettable and unique experience in pure and immaculate nature and islands that can open new horizons and bring new hopes.

Our efforts and a part of the profit of Sailtogether.com will be reserved for this project with a goal to give access to everyone without exception to privileged islands and giving hope and smiles through travel sailing and freedom.

Sailtogether.com is looking forward to collaborate with NGO’s, specialized centers and associations…